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Written by: Rob Noble

Despite increased awareness, ransomware threats show no signs of abating, it is crucial for organizations to be vigilant and proactive. Make sure that you are prepared for a ransomware attack by:

Review backups and security controls
Develop a response plan
Train your team
Know your legal obligations

Jennifer Beckage, Esq. CIPP/US, CIPP/E, a renowned figure in the cyber realm, having been recognized as a top 50 data breach lawyer by Cybersecurity Docket for 7 consecutive years, comments, “Ransomware might be a looming threat, but with the right preparedness, organizations can rest easy.”

At The Beckage Firm, we pride ourselves on our NetDiligence® certification as a Breach Coach©. Equipped with a dedicated team of technologists and an always-available 24/7 incident response hotline at 223-253-4762, we stand ready to assist. With the right precautions and strategic preparation, we can help organizations sidestep ransom demands and establish a legally fortified stance.