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Celebrities, high net worth individuals, high-profile individuals, and executives are taking more steps to understand their personal privacy and wherethey may be using: personal email for board meeting data, sharing a home network with others,or creating digital assets such as NFTs. The Beckage Firm helps guide clients through best practices for personal privacy.
HNWI Offering

This service is for executives, c-suite, board members, artists, musicians, retirees, new families, and anyone who is concerned about risks to their personal achievements, wealth, and wellbeing. We offer a comprehensive analysis of your assets, life habits, personal relationships, dependencies, and expectations to assess your digital, cyber, privacy and personal risk.

Services Overview
  • Privileged & Confidential Protections
  • Review Personal Documents
  • Negotiation Assistance
  • Asset And Financial Structure
  • Insurance
  • Staff Background Check
  • Assess Personal Liability
  • On-Call Advice
  • Enhanced Credit & Financial Monitoring
  • Brand Representation & Assessment
  • Sponsorship
  • Defamation
  • Threat Risk Assessments
  • Security Audits
  • Alarm Systems
  • Personal Protection
  • Transportation
  • Package Deliver
  • Home & Wireless Network Assessment
  • Personal Device Configuration
  • Sensitive Account Review
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Endpoint/Computer Setup
  • Smart Home Assessment
  • Webcam/Microphone Review
  • Devices
  • Children’s School & Personal
  • Cyber Threat Profile
  • Cyber Training
  • Personal Privacy Awareness
  • Staff And Personal Training
  • Device And IOT Awareness
  • Family Cyber Awareness

HNWI Offering, Personal Privacy Legal Services & Personal Privacy Lawyer

Personal Privacy Lawyer Near Me

Personal Privacy Lawyer Near Me

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