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You can identify a bird by its song, and here are some who sing our praises. In the cutting-edge world of data security and privacy law, we are more than just lawyers; we are advocates for your digital rights. We know your data isn’t just bytes and bits; it’s the DNA of your personal and professional life. But don’t let us convince you, let the words of our clients demonstrate who we are.

Here, you’ll find stories from clients who have turned to us for expert guidance when navigating security incidents, felt immense relief from our targeted legal strategies, harnessed our strategic IT security guidance to bolster their cybersecurity defenses, and have seen their privacy rights fiercely upheld. They have witnessed firsthand the lengths we go to ensure their digital world is secure and their rights intact.

More than just words, these testimonials encapsulate our clients’ sense of safety and trust in our services.

Over the past 3 months we have had the privilege of working closely with The Beckage Firm, and their expertise in incident response has proven to be invaluable to our organization.

“One of the standout qualities of The Beckage Firm is their exceptional ability to effectively manage and respond to all facets of cybersecurity incidents. In today’s digital landscape, where security breaches and threats are an unfortunate reality, having a partner like The Beckage Firm on our side has made a significant difference. The Beckage Firm has team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are available 24/7. They worked rapidly to detect, contain and mitigate our security breach, and their swift response prevented our incident from escalating further. The Beckage Firm also ensured that we received a thorough forensic investigation to understand the root cause of the incident to help prevent future occurrences. They maintained clear and open lines of communication and conducted an exhaustive post-incident analysis to identify areas for improvement. The Beckage Firm Team demonstrated exceptional professionalism, expertise and dedication. Their ability to turn a potentially catastrophic situation into a manageable one is a testament to their skill and commitment to our organizations security.”

- Sr. Executive, E-Commerce Platform

Jen Beckage is one of the brightest, most talented people that I’ve had the pleasure of working with for the past 20 years.

“Through her diverse and considerable history in owning and operating technology companies, achieving her law degree and in finally combining both of these expertise in becoming a top technology and cybersecurity expert, she has shown not only her ability to decipher and understand highly technical subjects, and then discern and communicate the core issues, needs and solutions to both technical and non-technical people is in a class by itself.”

- Chief Technology Officer, Data Recovery Service Company

Unlike many law firms I’ve worked with, the attention was on swift and successful business outcomes.


“[Jennifer] gave me the confidence to take action where we might not have otherwise. We engaged them on a major data breach incident and the learning curve on this was almost nil.”

- President, Home Goods Brand

From the very beginning, Jennifer’s compassion, confidence and perhaps most important, her knowledge of data and privacy laws were evident.

“She is very professional, impeccably thorough and always kept me informed every step of the way. She provided information and educated us on matters related to the incident, enabling out company to make the best, informed decisions. Thanks to Jennifer, we had a very successful outcome – especially compared to the consequences that we were originally facing.”

- President, Health Organization

Jen Beckage is my first call whenever there is a suspected security incident.

“Her background din technology – specifically in the first and largest Dot Com in Western New York, now a public company, and subsequent entrepreneurial tech firms – allows us to immediately address the issues at hand instead of translating IT speak to legal terminology. She has a natural ability to fuse the technical IT challenges with the legal requirements and communications both in a way that is understandable to those under high stress situations”

- CEO, Information Technology and Services Company

“Having worked on complex IT contracts, cybersecurity policy and operations issues, data and privacy issues, and incident response: “Smart, insightful, efficient and practical counsel was always provided and working with Jen was always a pleasure.”


- Business Executive

I give The Beckage Firm my highest recommendation for practical advice from data security and privacy lawyers who are also technologists.

Our international organization engaged The Beckage Firm for data security and privacy compliance matters. We were extremely pleased with the Firm’s thoroughness, issue spotting, written work product, and reasonable flat fees.

Our data privacy work with The Beckage Firm included website privacy and cookie policies, internal and third-party privacy notices and consents, contract language, CAN SPAM, TCPA, CCPA, GDPR and other privacy laws and regulations awareness and applicability, app review, Data Processing Addendum, Intercompany Data Transfer Agreement for international data flows, Data Governance Policy, and insurance review. Data security work included technology policy updates, incident response plans, and record retention and disposal.

The Beckage Firm partnered seamlessly with our existing DPO and Privacy Manager, consistently communicated project management via regular meetings and project trackers, assisting all team members understand the clear deliverables. The Firm not only told us what the law was, but also discussed the law from a technical perspective and how to implement the requirements into operations and within our IT environment.

- VP Business Risk & Finance, Sub-orbital Aerospace Company

During an incident, time is generally against the investigation. It’s this, above all else that will make or break an investigation. Jennifer Beckage and her team have yet to fail to answer the call at any time of day or night.

Jennifer Beckage has assembled a world class team of privacy attorneys, support staff, and security professionals into The Beckage Firm. Ms. Beckage has pushed the envelope in creating an incident response experience that provides the client with an experience unlike her peers. Ms. Beckage provides the client with excellent representation, as does many others. What sets her firm apart is the usage of Technical Experts, as advisors and intermediators between the highly technical Incident Response Firm, and the legal team/client. This resource has proven to be invaluable. It provides the client with a greater understanding of what is occurring, provides the highest level of certainty during the containment phase, and provides the best legal advisement by the firm.

Ms. Beckage also fights on behalf of the client to gain all necessary resources for the client during an engagement. The responsiveness of the firm to the collective team is unparalleled. Ms. Beckage is the most responsive attorney that I have ever worked with.

- Senior Forensic Professional, International DFIR Provider

We really appreciate Jen getting involved in our [personal data breach] case. It was a pleasure working with her in spite of the circumstances. Nonetheless, she helped to get us a good outcome from a bad situation.


- High-Net-Worth Executive

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