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The Beckage Firm guides companies in developing various strategies, including adapting new technologies, while still working to comply with international, federal, and state laws and regulations.
(AI) Artificial Intelligence

The Beckage Firm team members include thought leaders and seasoned professionals in Artificial Intelligence Law (AI Law). Our practice assists organizations in the development, deployment, and use of AI. AI includes a number of different technologies, including machine learning (ML), natural language processing, and robotics.

AI can help make autonomous decisions, improve customer service capabilities, systems accuracy, reduce operational expenses, increase output and efficiency, and generate meaningful business insights. With these benefits however, there are current, and still evolving, legal and

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The Beckage Firm is relied on for practical and empowering advice to manage AI’s legal risks. We assist organizations of all sizes with:
  • Strategy Development
  • Jurisdictional Analysis
  • AI Impact Assessments
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Privacy
  • Data Protection & Information Security
  • Policy Development
  • AI Governance & Accountability
  • Training
  • ML Training Counseling
  • Cyber & Privacy Insurance
  • Regulatory Guidance
  • Data Breaches
  • Merger & Acquisitions Due Diligence
Crypto Fraud and Tracing

At The Beckage Firm Protecting your assets is our top priority. Cryptocurrency has transformed the financial landscape, offering unparalleled opportunities for investment and innovation. However, the same features that make crypto assets attractive also make them a target for fraudulent activities. At The Beckage Firm, we specialize in providing robust legal solutions and investigative support to victims of crypto fraud, helping to trace, track, and recover stolen assets.

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Understanding the sequence of events is crucial for developing an effective legal strategy. Our team of experts will work diligently on:
  • Incident Discovery
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Asset Movement Tracking
  • Identification of Fraudsters
  • Legal Action Initiation
Space Travel

At The Beckage Firm, our alliance with the LEXING network empowers us
with a global perspective and a synergy of international legal expertise. We
are committed to propelling your space endeavors forward with legal
clarity and precision.

Embark on your space venture with a legal partner that’s as forwardthinking as you are. Connect with us to chart a course through the cosmos, governed by the rule of law and guided by unparalleled legal acumen

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Our comprehensive suite of services includes:
  • Export Control (EAR)
  • Environmental Law in Space
  • Government Contracts & Procurement
  • Real Estate & Airspace
  • Conflict Resolution & Arbitration
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Data Security & Privacy

Crypto, Space Travel & AI

AI Lawyer Near Me

AI Lawyer Near Me

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