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In his dual role as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and SVP of Cyber Risk at The Beckage Firm, Kevin encompasses a broad range of responsibilities. His responsibilities include updating and refining cybersecurity policies and practices and training staff to ensure the team is up to date with data protection technologies, standards, and best practices.

In his role as Senior Vice President of Cyber Risk, Kevin focuses on enhancing client cybersecurity defenses through detailed security assessments and developing comprehensive policies and plans. His primary responsibility is to ensure compliance with evolving data protection laws and proactively counter emerging cybersecurity threats, safeguarding both the firm’s and clients’ data.

Additionally, he leads the firm’s efforts in ADA compliance, helping ensure client web pages meet these requirements, and is actively involved in investigating cryptocurrency fraud. This includes collaboration with law enforcement to trace digital currency transfers and assist in fund recovery.

His expertise is attributed to over 15 years of experience in the field, supplemented by certifications in Sec+, CASP, CISM, and CAPM. His approach is characterized by a ‘people-first’ mentality, emphasizing the value of each individual, open communication, and the importance of feedback and suggestions for mutual growth and understanding.