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In today’s world, internal and external policies are critical. The Beckage Firm provides legal AND tech review all in one service. We keep things simple, practical, and operational, while helping clients minimize risk in drafting policies and procedures, and negotiating contracts.

Data Due Diligence

A go-to firm for data due diligence in mergers, and acquisitions. Our advice is based on real world experience. Firm founder has sold a tech company to a publicly traded company also, with her team, worked with countless clients on merger and acquisition due diligence, evaluating investment opportunities from a data security and privacy perspective. Decades of experience with tech and data due diligence.


A policy comes alive through training and culture development. Our training is customized and engaging. Our team members have been in-house counsel, CISOs, and public company executives. Table top exercises (TTX), board presentations, HIPPA training, AI strategy, and training development standards – are just a few areas where global companies use our experience and know – how.

Risk Assessment

Through our privileged relationship, our team members – which included heavily certified tech professionals – can assess risk and provide advice. We do not sell any products or services. These immersive assessments bring together seasoned legal and tech professionals.

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Data Security

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Data Security Lawyer Near Me

Data Security Lawyer Near Me

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