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Welcome to The Beckage Firm, where pioneering legal expertise meets the final frontier. As a distinguished member of the global LEXING network, our firm is dedicated to providing cutting-edge legal services across a broad spectrum of space-related issues. With a team rich in knowledge and experience, we are uniquely equipped to navigate the complex legal landscapes of the cosmos.

Navigating the intricacies of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), guiding the transfer of space-related technologies with precision and strategic insight.

Proactive assessment of the environmental impacts associated with space activities, offering robust legal solutions on matters including space debris mitigation and planetary protection protocols.

Advisement in the realm of government space contracts, bolstering your venture with a deep understanding of the procurement processes and related legal frameworks.

Addressing complex legal issues analogous to terrestrial real estate, such as the nuanced rights to orbits, interference, and airspace concerns, as we embark on the era of commercial space habitats and use of extraterrestrial surfaces.

Adept at providing dispute resolution services tailored to the unique context of space activities, encompassing arbitration and litigation with a galactic scope.

Keeping pace with the swift evolution of space technology, we’re on the frontline of legal implications concerning on-orbit servicing, space manufacturing, and the burgeoning field of space tourism.

Robust management of international data transfers, clarifying data ownership, and navigating the complex web of laws affecting data security and privacy in the interstellar domain.


At The Beckage Firm, our alliance with the LEXING network empowers us with a global perspective and a synergy of international legal expertise. We are committed to propelling your space endeavors forward with legal clarity and precision.

Embark on your space venture with a legal partner that’s as forward-thinking as you are. Connect with us to chart a course through the cosmos, governed by the rule of law and guided by unparalleled legal acumen.

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Space Travel Lawyer Near Me

Space Travel Lawyer Near Me

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