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Organizations are overwhelmed by the number of “cybersecurity” vendors and partners contributing to their data security and privacy program. The legal and threat landscape and industry standards are ever changing. Obtaining cybersecurity insurance in a hardened market requires many best practices to be in place, but budgets and resources are limited.

The Beckage Firm solves these problems through its Proprietary RAMP (Risk Assessment Maturity Plan) Program

The RAMP Program provides a legal and technical review of an organization’s practices to help the organization comply with laws and strengthen controls. There are countless no cost or low-cost steps an organization can take to quickly put themselves in a position to obtain competitive cyber insurance and improve data security and privacy programs.

The Beckage Firm is uniquely positioned to help because it is a law firm, with seasoned attorneys and technologists. We are one of the handful of law firms in the US recognized as a Breach Coach©. The firm founder has been named one of the top 50 data breach lawyers in the US for 7 years in a row. Let our experienced team work for you to provide comprehensive and impactful assessments.
*All RAMP Program efforts are engaged as attorney client privileged so organizations can speak freely to obtain the advice they need for improvement and strategy efforts from a technical and legal perspective.
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1) Intake

1-2 hour client meeting; high-priority risk checklist of threats most relevant. Checklist of no cost and low cost security controls and others; training. Importantly, we shape our checklists and assessments so that it also meets the requirements of the carrier that is providing or considering providing cyber insurance.

2) Remediation Plan

Remediation plan is provided; list no and low-cost actions that the organization can take to significantly improve their current posture. Since The Beckage Firm has lawyers with tech backgrounds, we can show the client the compliance or control measures on what to do on the backend with IT.

3) Record of Completion

After remediation, we provide the insured with a document demonstrating that we have completed these actions. This can be used to show the carrier that the organization is in a better position than prior to our engagement, which we have seen result in MORE COVERAGE, LESS RETENTION for the insured.

4) Follow Up

Nothing in cyber is “one and done,” so we schedule periodic follow ups with the client in 30-60 day intervals as needed for no more than 6 months after engagement.

The Beckage Firm DOES NOT SELL ANY PRODUCTS, therefore recommendations are solely for the organization’s benefit. We understand that budgets are limited and as former business owners, we recognize this. Our focus is on finding RIGHT SIZED SOLUTIONS for each and every client.
Ramp Packages
Fees are based on the size of the organization. Flat and bulk rates are available.
This program meeting will discuss the current posture and provide a verbal summary of options to address security gaps.
This program would include meetings with an executive summary of options to address certain vulnerabilities and risk mitigation efforts.
This program would include multiple meetings with appropriate teams and individuals that would include a detailed summary of options and recommendations to address certain vulnerabilities and risk mitigation efforts.
Best for larger organizations, this package includes multiple meetings with appropriate teams and individuals to address multiple capabilities and functions for complex environments. This includes a comprehensive summary of options and recommendations to address any security vulnerabilities and risk mitigation efforts that may be unique to these complex environments.

1-hour consultation is available at a $500 flat fee. Consultation includes a Cyber Risk Expert Attorney present. Written deliverables are available for a nominal fee.

If additional hours are needed over the flat fee, they are billed at the firms standard rates, or other flat fee options

Assessing Security Risks, Risk Assessment To Maturity Plan & Security Assessments

Risk Assessment To Maturity Plan Near Me

Risk Assessment To Maturity Plan Near Me

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