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Jazmin Furtado
Chief Analytics & AI Officer

Partnerships & Affiliations:
• SpaceX [Scale analytics and AI efforts]
• United States Air Force (USAF) [to develop and execute AI and Data strategies]
• United States Space Force [to develop and execute AI and Data strategies]
• MIT AI Accelerator [to develop, transition and operationalize AI research]
• Massachusetts General Hospital [creation and validation of machine learning and operations optimization]

ABOUT Jazmin

Jazmin Furtado is an innovative data and artificial intelligence (AI) strategist. Her robust experience has led to her becoming a highly sought and regarded advisor by some of the nation’s most recognized organizations and institutions. Her recent work with the United States Space Force, Space X and the United States Air Force has made her a coveted speaker/panelist for DoD AI Symposium (2021), NetDiligence Speaker (2021), Cloudflare TV Women in Space Panel (2021) and in 2020 she received the PEO Digital Golden Scissors Award.

In addition to her extensive professional experience, Furtado is force for good. In 2015, Jazmin co-founded Vespere, a not- for-profit agency that provides educational support to students in conflict zones including the Philippines and Ethiopia.

Furtado has been credited with advancing organizations striving for a more data-driven, technology-centric, and analytics-focused business model.

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