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Important Security Alert!CVE-2024-3661 TunnelVision

Written by: Scott Morris, SVP|Technology & Security

We have been asking people for years “Please do not use public WIFI”. We are always question why not? More importantly people always assume VPN mitigates the risk of using public WIFI.

This vulnerability (CVE-2024-3661) named TunnelVision is a bullseye example why you need to stop using public WIFI!

What is it?: CVE-2024-3661, a critical vulnerability affecting VPNs, posing severe security risks. This flaw opens doors for unauthorized access, potentially leading to data security issues and system compromise.

Importance: With the proliferation of remote work and reliance on digital platforms, neglecting this vulnerability could have dire consequences, including financial loss and impacting data security.

Mitigation: Simple do not use public WIFI. These networks, often unsecured, pose heightened risks of interception and unauthorized access. Opting for secure, private networks can significantly mitigate exposure to potential threats.

Prioritize cybersecurity and safeguard data effectively.

Together, we can stay resilient against evolving cyber threats!