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For litigation and regulatory investigations in Austin, Texas, the intersection of technology and law requires a nuanced approach. The Beckage Law Firm effectively navigates all aspects with a tech-centric, security-forward mindset. We are a boutique firm, woman- and veteran-owned, with a background in a diverse spectrum of legal challenges.

We Offer Comprehensive Legal Services to Our Clients

  • Putative Class Action: Our firm’s team members have appeared in some of the world’s largest data security and privacy putative class actions, including arguing dispositive motions in the nation’s first data breach MDL putative class actions concerning Protected Health Information (PHI).
  • Seasoned Bench and Jury Trial: With experience in cases involving multi-million dollars and global data security and privacy breaches, we are well-equipped to manage the demands of bench and jury trials.
  • Arbitration/Mediation: The firm has successfully represented countless companies in arbitrations and mediation, handling issues ranging from contract disputes to data hostage situations.
  • Regulatory Enforcement/Government Investigations: Our attorneys have firsthand knowledge of reporting to federal and state regulators, including the Department of Health and Human Services, state Attorney General’s Offices, and other law enforcement agencies. We’ve been involved in numerous investigations by various governmental agencies and regulatory bodies related to data breaches.
  • E-Discovery: From international organizations to small businesses, we assist clients in e-discovery planning and management, demonstrating our ability to handle data mining and processing effectively.

Your Case Deserves a Highly Qualified Team

In addition to recognitions such as Best Lawyers in the US for Civil Litigation and SuperLawyers for Civil Litigation, our firm’s work in putative class actions and litigation has been featured in reputable legal publications, including Law360 and Our staff consists of an equal ratio of lawyers and technologists, positioning us at the forefront of understanding, capabilities, and swift, efficient litigation.

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