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Rafa Baca
  • J.D. Law – The University of New Mexico
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering – The University of New Mexico
  • M.S. Computer and Data Science – University of New Haven

Rafa Baca, Esq. – Tech Compliance Attorney, Registered US Patent Attorney, Computer & Data Scientist, Engineer, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and developer.

Incident Response and Compliance at The Beckage Firm

Rafa merges the worlds of technology and law with a pioneering spirit and a forward-thinking approach. With a Master of Science in Computer & Data Science having a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Software Engineering, Data Analytics and, topped with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, Rafa Baca embodies the fusion of technical prowess, legal insight and business pragmatism.

Rafa’s legal and industry experience in AI and determined focus through the lens of Language Models (NLP), underscores a profound engagement with cutting-edge technologies where regulation is sparse and emerging. Rafa Baca brings to the table substantial technical and engineering expertise while navigating the intricacies of Digital Data Privacy, Cyber & Information Security, and Data Protection Compliance across International, U.S. federal and state regulations at The Beckage Firm. Rafa’s solid career trajectory at The Beckage Firm further encompasses a broad spectrum of data security and privacy compliance, litigation and “Incident Response” legal support while fostering team-building strategies within the law firm.

Rafa’s career is further marked by a deep-seated expertise in Product and Intellectual Property (“IP”) law, including Global Patent Prosecution and IP Litigation, especially within the engineering and physical sciences sectors. Rafa’s extensive experience as a trusted advisor to product and engineering teams in the high-stakes environment of Silicon Valley, California, and beyond, highlights his pragmatic ability to navigate and manage data risk in software development with both a legal and business lens.

This extensive experience is complemented by an active involvement in the formulation of strategic, legal frameworks for the tech industry’s dynamic environment. Rafa is the author of the “Digital Deputy Act” introduced to the California Legislature geared toward the ethical use of data and AI from a regulatory standpoint.

At the heart of Rafa’s professional ethos is a drive to excel at the intersection of law, computer & data science, business, and engineering. Rafa’s past legal experience encompasses in-house legal counsel at Tech and Medical corporations, large & boutique law firms, a U.S. Nuclear laboratory, and Silicon Valley startups.

Beyond his technical and legal expertise, Rafa stands out for his exceptional collaborative and communication skills. He is a national speaker, thought leader, and recognized expert in AI, software, and law. Currently serving as the National Chair for the American Bar Association (ABA), Rafa Baca’s influence extends through his previous engagements as a speaker for the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and SXSW Interactive conferences, by sharing insights and fostering discussions on the critical intersection of technology and legal practice. Rafa Baca continues to influence and shape the future of technology and law in AI and Tech.

Incident Response Consultant, Cryptocurrency Law Firm & Privacy Law Firm

Data Security Law Firm, Data Due Diligence Law Firm & Incident Response Consultant

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